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If you have had a massage then u must know how relaxing this can be. You let go of stress and experience a complete sense of well being. But a massage has more benefits besides relaxation. Recent scientific research has shown that a massage in a unique way had both psychological and physical health benefits.

Thanks to massage you will get ill less fast because of the positive effects on the immune system. Also, physical illnesses caused by stress have less change of developing. Furthermore, psychological complaints such as unrest and stress can be reduced or prevented. The results of the scientific research are very clear. Massage is a effective way of enhancing bot physical as psychological health,

For more information about the potential benefits of a massage check the picture on the right or below. To see what kinds of massages i offer you can scroll down.

Relaxation massage

A Relaxation massage is a massage with a lower tempo and pressure. The massage consists of introducing pressure (Intermittent pressure), Strokes ( effleurages) and shaking. Have you attention focused on the massage is easier with this massage because of the lower tempo. the duration of the massage is 1-2 hours depending on your wishes.

Classic "Swedish" massage

With a classic Swedish massage there is more focus on deep muscle kneading. The speed and pressure of this massage is slightly higher. This massage is known for the kneading (petrisages) and (tappotages). This massage is for example very suitable for muscle recovery. The duration of the massage is 1-2 hours depending on your wishes.

Combination massage

Combination massage between relaxation and classic. This massage focuses on creating relaxation and deep techniques for muscle massage. This massage consists both of stroking and kneading as well as shaking and tapping. the duration of the massage is 1-2 hours depending on your wishes.

Partial massage

With a partial massage you can choose a body part which you would like to get massaged. This massage is ideal for a stiff neck or a cramped/tensed back and so forth. The duration of this massage is minimal 20 minutes

Couple/group massages

The couple/group massages are for multiple persons at the same time. The massage happens simultaneous. Multiple masseuses will ensure that both of you or the group can optimally enjoy the massages at the same time. A couple/group massage is a great way of having an nice and relaxing experience together. Or it can also be a great gift between friends/girlfriends brothers or sisters and so forth. The duration of the massage is 1-2 hours depending on your wishes.

Four hands massage

This massage is an intense experience. With this massage you get a massage from 4 hands (2 massage therapists). The duration of the massage is 1-2 hours depending on your wishes.

Hot stone massage

With this massage special warm stones are used. The stones are volcanic stones and this type of stone is specially suited for massage because of their ability to hold and give off warmth for a long time. The warmth penetrates deep into the muscle and by doing so it has a very relaxing and loosening effect. The duration of the massage is 90 minutes.

Cold stone/ice massage

Beach massage

Travel mate massage

Upper back, neck, shoulder massage

(soon available) With this massage the client is seated on a chair and a special piece of massage equipment is placed on the table. The client places his or her head on the equipment and can enjoy a upper back, neck and shoulder massage. This massage lasts 20 minutes and is very suitable for clients who for example have headache, neck or/and shoulder complaints. This massage is also very suitable for elderly people who have trouble getting on or lying on a massage table.

Businesses or company's

Do you have a business and would you like to make a deal with home visit massage. Either for your clients or employees? Feel free to contact me to find out what the options are.